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Coming to Gilbert, AZ

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Utilizing best-in-class modern wave technology the Strand will create ocean-like waves for an amazing surf experience!  Desert Surf Vibes coming to Gilbert, AZ soon.


  • Beginner to Expert Surf Lagoon

  • Cable Wake Board Course

  • Over water adventure course

  • Restaurant, Cafe, retail, and more



As a surfer and lover of the water...

"The Journey" for waves is never ending. That journey has the tendency to the most unexpected places all over the world far and wide. We love to dream, we love to explore, we love to broaden our horizon. We do this all in the pursuit of surf.

We invite you as an avid surfer, weekend surfer, or soon to be surfer to come and explore the waves of the desert...

The Strand at Gilbert offers you the opportunity to dream, explore and yes surf wave after wave of endless fun in order to create your own personalized journey of what it means to be a surfer.

Enjoy water in a whole new way.


Our Surf Lagoon will deliver perfect surf at all levels, with a consistent, clean, fresh water swell all year long. Choppy surf will not be a problem here! 

When the sun goes down, the fun doesn't stop! Lights will illuminate the surf for late night sessions seven days a week.

A Few Highlights:

On demand wave production - No longer are we dependent on unpredictable wind and ocean conditions to produce those perfect waves

Safety - No rips, rocks, reefs or sharks, with lifeguards on patrol

Controlled line up - The number of surfers at any given time will be closely controlled limiting drop-ins and surf rage

Low barrier of entry at any skill level - All skill levels will quickly learn and progress with predictable and controllable waves with available lessons if desired



Enjoy cable driven wakeboarding with in-water rails and ramps for skilled riders. For those new to the sport, lessons are available!


Try not to get bounced off the nearby lagoon's inflatable aqua obstacle course, a challenging adventure for children and adults alike.


When the need for fuel hits, enjoy the highest quality food and drinks, just steps away!